Convocation Teddy Small

Item Code: #SO1409

Hotter by One Awesome Degree!

This Soft Covocation Teddy is the perfect souvenir to take away with you. Not only is it soft and cuddly but it is also a reminder to us of our childhood and the joys of the past. It is definitely designed for those IIMA grads who are now One Degree Hotter!!

Comes in various sizes. Check the Souvenir tab for other Plush Souvenir Options. Teddy Bears are amongst the most popular gifting options - across time and ages. You cannot go wrong with a Teddy Bear.

Made with Love just for you!

Available Options :

Approximately 16 inches high.

This Studious Graduation Soft Toy Souvenir for the IIMA Convocatee is cute, cuddle and absolutely irresistable.

Machine Washable, you can keep your Graduation Teddy clean pretty easily.

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