The IIMA Story

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The IIMA Story (The DNA Of An Institution)

How was IIMA born?

Who were the key players?

What has made it synonymous to success?

These questions become even more relevant as the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) marks its Golden Jubilee year in 2011 Established in 1961, IIMA is the first Indian busi ness school to achieve international recognition In 2002, Economist Intelligence Unit's list declared IIMA as the most selective management school in the world. And in 2011, IIMA has been tanked number 7 in Financial Times (FT)'s global ranking of Masters in Management Programme.

In this well-researched and timely book. Prafull Anubhai charts the journey of this premier institute tution from its inception to what it is today-che construction of its iconic campus by American architect Louis Kahn, policies and processes that set the benchmark, exemplary leadership exhib ired by its various chairmen and directors, and the vision and future challenges for the institute. In The IIMA Story Prafull weaves all the threads together to present a vivid history of one of India's greatest institutions that has shaped the lives of many individuals through generations.

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I believe this is an absolute must-read for every individual interested in the story of management education in India.                                                                        N. R. Narayana Murthy                

 "The institute has, by far, contributed the largest number of CEOs to Indian organisations among all the B-schools in the country.                                                  Dr Samir K. Barua, Director, IIMA

 I left this place aware of the fact that for all the inadequacies I have perceived in myself. IIM Ahmedabad could accept me for who I was.
                       Harsha Bhogle

IIM Ahmedabad has been ranked the top B-school in India.              

                    "Undisputed Topper                              

                       Hindustan Times

"The World's Toughest B-School to Get Into                                              

                       Economist survey of global B-schools, 2001

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