Safe Key Aluminium

Item Code: #CO1366

 These Keys are designed to minimise contact with surfaces that may be contaminated due to excessive use/touch by multiple persons.     

 In ideal conditions, viruses can persist on different surfaces for hours or days. The surfaces most exposed to this kind of contamination include  - door handles, light / lift buttons, mobile phones, public transport handholds.

 This covid safe key is made of Alumium which after an incubation period of 8 hours after infection demonstartes no viable Sars-Cov-2 virus. Most other materials (except Copper) take 72 hours to achieve this. Too Look at our Copper Covid Key, go back to Safety products Menu.   


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Check pictures above for usage. Go handsfree with this innovative product - the need of the times.

So stay safe and protect yourself with our Covid Keys.
Designed and made in India with care especially for you!

Not only goodlooking but also very useful! Pick one up for each of your family members today! Made with Love in India! Stay Safe.

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